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I know I'm posting this everywhere, but... [Jan. 4th, 2005|04:01 pm]
Inside Scoop Jelly_Pop


Hey kids... Jaye told me hours in the store are getting cut big time, so if anyone's looking for a few extra hours and some extra cash, come over to Watch World... One girl's father just had a stroke, so she's on leave taking care of him, two of us are going back to school, and our manager is looking at TWO surgeries in the near future, so if anyone wants some extra time, please come over... It's an easy job and it's comission... And I'd LOVE anyone who decides to come help us, cause we're really blitzed trying to find coverage... Or if any of you know anyone who's looking for work, send them over... Minimum age is 18, that's pretty much the only stipulation... Thanks guys!!!