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I'm bored too, so I'ma bite off Ashley :) [Jan. 24th, 2005|01:01 pm]
Inside Scoop Jelly_Pop


[mood |boredbored]

Personal Information

Name: Jess, or some variation thereof.

Hero And Why: I don't think I have a hero in the normal sense of the word. I admire people... Like my mom, or my law prof this semester (she argued Planned Parenthood vs. Casey in front of the Supreme Court and won) or my polisci prof (he's got like 10 bachelor's degrees, four masters, a couple doctorates, and has minored in just about everything else, and he travels all over the world doing development work in third world countries, and he's been in the Air Force, and on top of it all he's like the coolest, most laid back teacher ever)...

Nobody Knows That I: If no one knows, wouldn't I want to keep it that way?

What About You Makes You Stand Out In A Crowd? Well I used to be able to say my bright red hair, but since I went back to brown (and truth be told, I really don't miss the red)... I'd say the fact that there's no hiding the boobies. That and I'm probably the one screaming about politics or dancing on the table.

Possession That Brings You Luck: Frank, the green quartz frog Dave gave me, and my three year old too-small red cherry unders (whenever I wear them, things go right with whatever boy I have my eye on).

Things You Collect (i.e. stamps, Star Wars memorabilia): Purses, ladybugs, clothes that look pretty on the hanger but I'll never wear them.

What Do You Want To Be Remembered For? Changing things up a little bit.

What Would You Want Your Last Meal To Be? Wow, that's tough... Since, ostensibly, I'd be dying within an hour or so of eating it, I'd say steak, a baked potato, broccoli and carrots, some shrimp, and maybe some corn or something. And an apple martini and a big slice of chocolate cake. Or just Elio's pizza.

A Superhero Power You'd Like To Have? teleportation.

What Gives You The Chills?: hearing someone hit a solid note when they sing.

Your First Crush: Ha, this kid Dave in grade school... I think he hated me.

Anything Else You Feel Like Sharing? I dunno... No?


The Best Part Of Your Job? The people who work there... Duh!

The First Thing You Remember Buying At Hot Topic? Those blue Sugar sneakers with a rainbow platform.

Your Most Prized Hot Topic Possession: Hrm... I dunno. I guess my nametag (that better be there when I get back!)

Your Best Customer Experience: This lady was looking for a shirt from this band... "E-something... E... Or maybe A..." And I was like, um, Evanescence, and the woman looked at me like I just saved her life. Turns out it was like her daughter's favorite band or something and it was the girl's birthday.


Oldest Item Of Clothing In Your Closet: I have a bunch of my Mom's old dresses... One from her junior high dance (that my grandma made and it still fits me).

Item Of Clothing You Can't Live Without: my jeans.

Worst Fashion Trend: Oh god, where to start... Nevermind,I know... Those damn tinkerbelle skirts. And the ruffle ones that flounce.

Celebrity Most In Need Of A Hot Topic Makeover: Lil Bow Wow.

Item Of Clothing You Would Never Admit To Wearing Even Though You Did: Ha, I admit it... I wore stretch pants and scrunchies and Jnco's (I was even pissed when they started making flares) and the big bellbottoms with panels in the sides and oh... Catholic schoolgirl skirts and mallrat-goth and Spice Girl-esque clothes... Oohh I was a nightmare!

One Accessory Nobody Should Be Without: Scarves.


Best Band To Ever Walk The Face Of The Earth: Wow... That's a tall order... And I'd have to say the Beatles, in that sense. I mean, they're not my personal favorite, but objectively...

Most Overrated Band: Good Charlotte, HIM, Dashboard, Nirvana.

"Best Kept Secret? Band: Jump Little Children. I've been all about these guys for like six years and still no one knows who they are and I LOVE that.

Three CDs You Can't Live Without: right this second... Tori Amos "Little Earthquakes", Brand New "Your Favorite Weapon", and Joni Mitchell "Miles of Aisles"

Rock Star That Resembles You The Most: I dunno.... Probably someone boring.

Most Disappointing CD You Own: I don't buy cds that will disappoint me, I'm too cheap for that.

Type of Music You Just Don't Get: ICP and nu-metal and that bling-bling-I'm-so-gansta-look-at-my-nasty-gold-teeth rap.

Favorite Genre of Music: I guess it would be like alternative... I love 90's alt-rock more than anything, I think.

Best Concert You Have Ever Attended: Oh god... That's tough. Sigur Ros was INCREDIBLE, but the people I was with sucked. Red Hot Chili Peppers were fantastic. Tori Amos, both times... Liz Phair... Joni Mitchell...George Clinton and PFunk...Beck... Blue Man Group... David Bowie... Unlimited Sunshine tour was a great experience overall though, and even though now I have really bad memories of the person I went with, the memories of that day are still good, so I'm gonna say that... Unlimited Sunshine tour (Modest Mouse, Flaming Lips, Cake, and De La Soul).

Worst Concert You Have Ever Attended: Hmm... Probably those stupid VFW shows I got dragged to when I dated various members of Media Control and its various incarnations... I hate local hardcore.

Music Artist Have You Seen The Most: Tori Amos, Alanis Morisette, and Saves the Day are tied for twice.


Favorite Noise: music!

Favorite TV Show: Family Guy, Aqua Teen, Arrested Development, and VH1 in general.

Favorite Travel Destination: Barcelona was beautiful.

Favorite Book: Middlesex, Who's Who in Hell, anything by Roald Dahl or Allen Ginsberg, On the Road and Maggie Cassidy, anything by JD Salinger, White Teeth, anything by Hunter S. Thompson... It could go on...

Favorite Cartoon: Family Guy and Aqua Teen

Favorite Movie: I could go on forever, but the short list: Empire Records, Fear and Loathing, Frida, and anything involving Johnny Depp.

Favorite Indulgence: shopping

Favorite Thing To Do When You're Not Working: Hang out with Dave, read... I'm such a fucking geek.

[User Picture]From: myinnerthug
2005-01-25 06:57 am (UTC)
and that bling-bling-I'm-so-gansta-look-at-my-nasty-gold-teeth rap.

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